Welcome to Kiki’s INSIGHTS blog and TOP TIPS to support your success

I’m delighted to welcome you to my personal and professional effectiveness blog site where I will be sharing tips and insights designed to support those of you looking to become more successful in your personal, career and/or and business lives.

There are more and more of you looking for practical ways in which you can become more successful in your professional and business performance, including leading and managing effective teams, in dealing with un-resourceful feelings and emotions, in negotiating and influencing, in packing a powerful message, and when leading innovation and change. All essential skills for dealing with today’s rapidly changing business and organisational environment.

Just as importantly, despite the economic challenges to jobs and livelihoods, you also want a better life for yourself, and for your family.

I have developed my keynote speaking, masterclass programs and coaching services as a way of supporting others en route to fulfillment and success.

But first let me be clear: I am not a ‘Happiness-Guru’. I think that life is far more complicated than living life, as historian Simon Sharma recently put it, either with ‘fatuous optimism’ or in ‘helpless despair’.

The truth is that as complex human beings living ever more complex and stressful lives, we can feel both these extremes in the same week, the same day, or within the same hour even! The trouble is, we often define ourselves by our problems, our weaknesses, our worries and our pain.

But there is another way: by focusing on our strengths, our possibilities and our huge capacities for learning new thoughts, feelings, behaviours and skills… we can access a more fulfilling life, and even dare I say it… have great fun, whilst also being more professionally and personally effective.

Like you I derive inspiration from many (some surprising) sources and I hope to ‘capture’ some of these observations and wisdoms in my regular blog articles – that are both meaningful and practical – all tailored to support your personal and professional success.

I’m told by some readers of INSIGHTS & TOP TIPS that they keep my newsletters in a special inbox, ready for when they are feeling low, disenchanted or dispirited. Then out I come with some practical pick-me-ups that are both proven and effective… designed to get you quickly back on track to confidence and personal effectiveness.

I hope I can sometimes do the same for you, so are you ready to take action?

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