The ‘Joys of June’

Sustainable leadership has been a real theme this summer, and at the end of last month (May) I was delighted to facilitate a half-day interactive seminar as part of Dorset and Poole’s Big Green Fortnight. This was a joint event between ASP (Association of Sustainability Practitioners) and Bournemouth University’s ‘Centre for the Green Economy’. The event called “Business Futures” was well attended and well received, and now the challenge is to engage far more businesses of all sizes across Dorset.

On 15 June I was invited to speak at my 3rd Plato Sustain ‘gig’ and travelled up to Milton Keynes to meet some of the Plato members there. All of the businesses on the programme gain “access to a unique, specialist, business and personal development programme aimed at improving their business sustainability, and encouraging them to help companies within their supply chains and their own employees to take positive steps to adopt environmental friendly behaviours.”

My topic for the Milton Keynes Plato group was “Creating the Competitive Edge” and we discussed how more consensual and inclusive leadership styles, employee engagement, combined with what Professor Michael Porter of Harvard Business School calls ‘Creating Shared Value’ (aka ‘Capitalism Under Siege’) can add significantly to a company’s bottom line through improved performance.

Read Porter’s seminal report here: Capitalism under siege

On 22 June I was delighted to deliver two Masterclasses at the everywoman Women in Transport and Logistics Leadership Academy at Coton House, Rugby. It was a well-attended event absolutely buzzing with debate, ideas and passion… all focused on women progressing in a relatively traditional sector.

My sessions were very well received, and as ever, I had as much fun as the workshop participants: “Raise your game, and get noticed” is fundamentally about a 2-pronged strategy:

  • Firstly, how to work on our ‘internals’, ie developing our own inner confidence and behaviours in order to improve how we interact with others.
  • Secondly, how to work on our ‘externals’, ie utilising our inner confidence, and our influencing and presentation skills to connect much more effectively and strategically, and to lever the support and resources necessary for in-role effectiveness and career progression.

Berthram putting up Swift Boxes

Lastly, news from Holly House:

Swift moving into the boxes my partner put up last summer cemented the ‘Joy of June’. Our patience and commitment has been rewarded after endless afternoons of playing a CD of piercing Swift Songs… very loudly from my loft back office!

Interestingly they have moved into our homemade boxes rather than the rather expensive and specialist boxes bought over the Internet… the Sparrows and Starlings prefer those!

Swift aeronautics is breathtaking and more entertaining than TV… did I mention that Swifts are perfect time-wasters?

Ms Blackbird No.1 on a carpet of Speedwell!

Our other resident birds are also thriving, enjoying what is a relatively cat-free garden zone.We have been thoroughly ‘trained’ by our many local Blackbirds (and many other species) to feed their fledglings while they get on with the business of raising yet another brood.

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